TLC Diet Transformation


Lose Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol and Transform Your Life!

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    When you go out, look around you and tell me what you see. I bet you will see an abundance of fast food restaurants and guess what’s in front of them? You guessed it…A never-ending line of people.

    Fast food joints are known for serving up a dish of unhealthy food – unhealthy food that people continue to consume. Why? Because they can! People choose fast food because they live a busy life and are under the impression that they can’t go home and cook a healthy meal, because it will take hours to do. This unhealthy lifestyle leads to obesity.

    Below are some of the information that you will get inside:

    • Chapter 1 – What Exactly Is The TLC Diet?
    • Chapter 2 – All About Cholesterol
    • Chapter 3 – Major Benefits Of the TLC Diet
    • Chapter 4 – TLC Nutrition Overview – Getting Your Nutrients & What To Eat
    • Chapter 5 – Cooking The TLC Way – Sample Meal Options
    • Chapter 6 – Smart Choices, Eating Out And Social Events On The TLC Diet
    • Chapter 7 – Getting Physically Active